They call me Icarus. (callthatnvrcame) wrote in tekes,
They call me Icarus.

Sometimes it pays to live in the same city as the Grand Prytanis...

You have not lived until you have survived a nine hour chapter meeting. Well, maybe not so much an actual chapter meeting, but a Grand Council meeting. They're actually very much the same, just with more money to play with.

Oh, and if there are any Mu Chi (UNC-Wilmington) guys here, I tried to plead your case for reinstating your charter. It was the least I could do after you entertained me earlier this week.

J. Everett, Xi Iota 718
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Deleted comment

Oh, I'm not talking negatively about this. It was a damn good experience and something I'm glad I went to. It was very reassuring to know that the same concerns we have in our chapter are echoed in the Grand Council.

If you have the chance, go to one of these meetings. If not, at least go to RLC.
I think if I ever tried to have a 7 hour chapter...I'd be stabbed by my epi first, and then it would just go around until i was dead.
Haha Frater Fite really doesn't have to worry about being stabbed by Frater McMurry, and considering they only have these meetings every three or four months, I think they may have actually kept it short.