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Thoughts for Founders' Day

My Fraters,

As we celebrate today, the 108th anniversary of the founding of our Fraternity, let us be reminded of the three principles upon which Charles Roy Atkinson, Clarence Arthur Mayer, James Carson McNutt, Joseph Lorenzo Settles, and Owen Ison Truitt forged the bonds of brotherhood.

Love, Charity, and Esteem.

Love, that we should dwell together in unity and love each other as Brothers in the Bond.

Charity, that we should have regard for the virtues of our Fraters and be slow to censure their faults.

Esteem, that we should regard our fellow men not for wealth, rank or honor, but for their personal worth and character.

There is perhaps a Frater, or several Fraters, in each of our respective chapters who perhaps we don't know so well, often disagree with, or just plain don't like. As we have made resolutions for the New Calendar Year, let us also make resolutions for the New Fraternal Year.

Let us resolve to seek forgiveness from those we have wronged, and forgive those who have wronged us.

Let us resolve to be careful with our words, to not say what we do not mean, so as not to unintentionally offend.

Let us resolve to lend a hand, or even an ear, to not only our brothers, but also to anyone who needs one.

Let us resolve to spend time with and get to know better those Fraters with whom our Bonds are not so strong. If a chain is but as strong as its weakest link, let us seek to strengthen our weaker links. If you are an alum, meet an active. If you are an active, meet an alum. Meet brothers from other chapters. Let us resolve to not let the TKE experience be confined to the actives of one chapter.

Let us resolve to expand our brotherhood through magnificent social events, honorable philanthropy, and energetic Rush.

Let us resolve to recognize that we each play an important role in the success of our chapter. No man is a fraternity by himself; we must all contribute together to reach our common goals.

Let us resolve to contribute to our Fraternity's success, by putting our personal time and energy into having the best events we can have, by going out, meeting people, and introducing them to our brothers, and even by paying our dues on time.

I wish you all and all your chapters health, happiness, and prosperity in the new year; that your recruitment be very successful, and that all your parties be amazing. Best of luck with the ladies as well.

Let's make 2007 the Year of TKE.

Yours in the Bond,
Alex Jeffrey
Xi 1072
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