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Founders Day Reflections


As you are no doubt aware, today is the 112th anniversary of the founding of our great organization. While the word "fraternity" means something a little different to each of us, I trust that one aspect of fraternity that we can all agree upon is love for our fellow Frater. Friendship takes many forms, including midnight problem sets and 4am Steak n Shake runs, but fraternal love runs much deeper than that. One young alum from my chapter had a terrible motorcycle accident in September, and it is difficult to express how lucky he is to be alive, and how lucky we all are that he is still with us. "Friendship" is all the well-wishes he received. "Fraternity" is all the brothers who traveled from all around the country to be with someone they cared for in his time of need. He was very deeply touched, and I was touched that so many brothers cared so much for him.

Now, ask yourselves: If you were in his position, who would be at your bedside? At whose bedside would you be standing? One thing I regret about my time in the Fraternity is that I did not form as many strong bonds with other Fraters as I could have. Fraters, I implore you to not make that mistake. Put aside your petty differences. Forgive each other. Be close to one another. Pick someone on the other side of the room in chapter and have dinner with them. Let someone know that you appreciate him. What you get out of TKE, as with any relationship, depends on what you put into it. If everyone can resolve to put a little more energy into the Fraternity, the experience will be so much better for everyone, and its benefits will last a lifetime.

I love the Fraternity.

-Alex Jeffrey, Xi 1072

PS: The Grand Prytanis' address can be found here:
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