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114 years and counting!

Happy Founders Day from Grand Prytanis Ed Moy

Dear Fraters,

Today we celebrate Tau Kappa Epsilon’s 114th birthday. The principles on which TKE was founded in 1899 are as relevant today as at the time of TKE’s formation. As a result, our fraternal bond is stronger than ever before.

Our founders knew that if they developed a bond between men that was based on noble and timeless principles, they would produce a fraternity that would find its strength in unity of purpose. Like cords of rope, our founders believed that the cords of our fraternal bond are stronger when the principles are interwoven.

We are inclusive. Other fraternities excluded men for membership based on qualities over which a man had little control, like family wealth or social standing, so that only the elite and privileged remained. Our fraternity wanted a brotherhood based on something that men could shape themselves: namely their personal worth and character. Any man of good character should be welcome to Tau Kappa Epsilon. Period.

We want to become better men. A Teke is not perfect. However, what distinguishes a Teke is that he strives to be more than he ever thought he could be. And regardless of where each of us began, being a frater is a declaration to the outside world that we are on a journey to live our lives in more love, charity, and esteem. That’s why unacceptable behavior and hurtful actions such as disrespect, discrimination and hazing have no place in our fraternity.

We desire to make better world. Our founders believed that a better man is not satisfied simply with personal gain, but that his life should have a positive influence on those around him. Whether he is the helpful neighbor, loving husband and father, genuine friend, or the one who changes the course of a community or even the whole nation, a Teke will leave the world a better place.

When these three principles are woven together, they form the cords of our strong fraternal bond. In a world that appears increasingly divided by our ethnicity, nationality, religion, income, education, sexual preference, geography, gender, politics, ideology, and many others, it is encouraging to remember that those things which unite TKE are stronger than anything that divides us. Better men for a better world.

Fraters, I love the Fraternity!

Yours in the Bond,

Edmund C. Moy
Grand Prytanis
Lambda Chapter, University of Wisconsin
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Hope all is well with you and your chapters!
-Alex Jeffrey
Xi 1072
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Founders Day Reflections


As you are no doubt aware, today is the 112th anniversary of the founding of our great organization. While the word "fraternity" means something a little different to each of us, I trust that one aspect of fraternity that we can all agree upon is love for our fellow Frater. Friendship takes many forms, including midnight problem sets and 4am Steak n Shake runs, but fraternal love runs much deeper than that. One young alum from my chapter had a terrible motorcycle accident in September, and it is difficult to express how lucky he is to be alive, and how lucky we all are that he is still with us. "Friendship" is all the well-wishes he received. "Fraternity" is all the brothers who traveled from all around the country to be with someone they cared for in his time of need. He was very deeply touched, and I was touched that so many brothers cared so much for him.

Now, ask yourselves: If you were in his position, who would be at your bedside? At whose bedside would you be standing? One thing I regret about my time in the Fraternity is that I did not form as many strong bonds with other Fraters as I could have. Fraters, I implore you to not make that mistake. Put aside your petty differences. Forgive each other. Be close to one another. Pick someone on the other side of the room in chapter and have dinner with them. Let someone know that you appreciate him. What you get out of TKE, as with any relationship, depends on what you put into it. If everyone can resolve to put a little more energy into the Fraternity, the experience will be so much better for everyone, and its benefits will last a lifetime.

I love the Fraternity.

-Alex Jeffrey, Xi 1072

PS: The Grand Prytanis' address can be found here:
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More Founders Day goodness

The bonding which takes place in college is unlike any other experience. My young friends, savor these moments. Keep the memories close to your heart. Cherish your family and your friends. As I learned years ago, we never really know what the future will bring.

Frater Ronald Reagan
Remarks at George Washington University, Washington, D.C.,
March 28, 1991

-Alex Jeffrey
Xi 1072
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From the Grand Prytanis:

Johnson 05

It is a unique honor and pleasure to address each of you on this, our 110th Birthday. 

Thinking back over my Teke experience, I have had the pleasure to meet many Fraters who exhibit a deep understanding of what makes us different. We are not "just another "frat". We are an organization founded during a time when exclusivity, money, and power ruled the day. The five Founders developed TKE from a revolutionary concept - acceptance. Never, in our 110 years of existence, have we had an exclusionary clause or any language remotely supportive of such behavior and practice in our great Fraternity.  

This spirit of inclusiveness and the belief in our ability to assist members in reaching their highest potential is manifested most compellingly in our unrivalled record of public service and in giving back to our Bond.  

TKE has consistently shown communities around the world what can happen when a group of men with a common vision combine their efforts. In 2007-08, TKE recorded more than 122,000 hours of community service valued at more than $2.3 million dollars and raised almost a half million dollars for philanthropic causes. Hour by hour and dollar by dollar, TKE is helping build better men to build a better world. 

At the Charles R. Walgreen, Jr. TKE Leadership Academy this year, I had the privilege of experiencing one of my proudest moments as a Frater. One of the key presenters, Paul Wineman, now my counterpart who serves as the National President of Phi Kappa Psi, asked me if I knew how fortunate we are to have the culture of giving back that we do in TKE. I couldn't help smiling from ear to ear thinking about how hard my fellow Fraters have worked to keep this ideal alive. What a spectacular way to honor our Founders' memory. 

Last August I witnessed more than 800 Tekes giving back to the Las Vegas community at Conclave. With watering eyes, I watched our men at George Mason (Mu-Omega) present a $5,000 check to a family with a special needs child who now walks instead of crawls thanks to the therapy this money provided. This group of Fraters witnessed this family's challenges in a public park and simply chose to do something about it. Fraters, this is the essence of our Bond and is a story repeated in many similar ways by the 272 active chapters and colonies throughout the TKE Nation. 

We have a wonderful heritage of giving to each other and to quality young men entering our college campuses. Seventy five years ago, a young man of modest means was the recipient of a scholarship to a small, Midwestern liberal arts college. While excited about this opportunity, he still faced the daunting prospect of how to pay for room and board.  The Fraters of TKE provided free room and board in exchange for some kitchen duties and the young man, Ronald Reagan, went on to honor TKE and the United States with his legendary talent and ability to serve all of mankind.

Many of you have heard me speak of my own similar situation at the University of Utah and of the tremendous kindness of the Chapter Prytanis, Alan Oliver, who ensured I had a place to live. Of course, I received much more than just a place to live. I received the love, charity and esteem of Tau Kappa Epsilon, a gift that has continued to bless me for more than 34 years.

So, I must conclude by going back to Paul Wineman. I've previously noted many of the fine things that I'm aware of that TKE has done and continues to do every day for our own Fraters and for the global community. 

My proudest moment as a Teke occurred last June when Paul said to me that he had presented similar programs to his own Brothers as well as to other fraternal organizations and that in all of his presentations, he'd never encountered a group that, to the last man, indicated their heartfelt intent to give back to the Fraternity. Fraters, this wasn't a coached response. This response is a reflection of TKE and of each and every man who has entered into our Bond. 

It's a humbling honor to serve such fine men. I thank each and every one of you for the many opportunities you've given me to give back to TKE and to all of society. 

Fraters, I love this Fraternity! 

Yours in the Bond,


Mark K. Johnson
Grand Prytanis

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Just found this community


I didn't realize there were other Tekes on LJ, let alone a community. That being said, does anyone have any particular good strategies that worked well for them at Rush? I really want our Rush in the Fall to be incredibly successful so I want to see some ideas that worked for other Tekes.

Chris McNamara
EK #763
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Happy Founders Day from the Grand Prytanis


It is my honor and pleasure to send warm greetings to each of you on this January 10th, the 109th birthday of our great Fraternity. Today we celebrate not merely the formation of an organization to which we belong, but more significantly, the development of the moral code by which the men of Tau Kappa Epsilon live their lives.

During my visits to various Chapters and Colonies of TKE, I have seen definitive performance superiority in those groups who truly understand the differences between TKE and our noble peers in the Greek community.

We are not "one of the group" and most certainly not like the other Greek letter organizations with whom we compete. Our Founders were cut from a different cloth than most of their college peers. When I visit TKE groups, I continue to see men who are successful and different than many of their fellow students on campus. They are accomplished men who continue to maintain a sense of humility and humanity that sets them apart from their fellow undergrads.

Like the five men who preceded them one hundred and nine years ago, they are men who regard their fellows not for wealth, rank or honor but for their personal worth and character. This is not to say that we disdain wealth. To the contrary, we celebrate and support the success of our Fraters in whatever laudable endeavors they choose to pursue, and admire the honors which they attain by personal effort. We do not, however, cast aside those worthy and desirous of joining our Bond due to lack of social standing, wealth, or based on their ethnicity, religion or nationality. Fraters, this may sound reasonable and commonplace today, but it was a revolutionary concept in the Greek world of 1899.

I'm proud of TKE for a multitude of reasons. But the greatest of these attributes is the fact that while every one of our major competitors had to alter their policies in the last 40 years to facilitate the essence of true fraternity, the admission of men based upon their virtues and not based upon criteria over which they have had no influence, TKE did nothing. We didn't need to. We had never had a policy of such discrimination. This is unique to us and gives absolute proof of our Fraternity's unwavering core values.

We were founded upon solid principles which remain as true today as they were 109 years ago at our founding, and 100 years ago when these core values were reduced in writing to that magnificent document, the much-copied "Declaration of Principles".

As we progress through the dawn of our second century, we continue to live by this inspired prose. I challenge each of you as current and future leaders of our Fraternity to do as I've been wisely counseled to do by my esteemed predecessors. They told me, that when in doubt about a decision on the direction of our magnificent Bond, to re-read the "Declaration of Principles". I have often done this to hone my life skills, in addition to my Fraternity leadership skills by doing so.

It is a pleasure to serve each of you. I am humbled by your trust in me. Of course, the greatest honor ever bestowed upon me occurred over thirty years ago when I was admitted to the Bond of our Fraternity. It's a unique distinction and I consider it the pinnacle of my life's achievements to be, like each of you, a Frater in the Bond of Tau Kappa Epsilon.

Happy Birthday Fraters.


Mark K. Johnson

Grand Prytanis


On to Chapter Eternal....

Frater Alumnus Merv Griffin of the Gamma Delta Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon has passed on to the Chapter Eternal. I pay my respects to my brother and wish his family the best in this trying time.


Frater Alumnus Guillermo A. Vildosola III
Scroll 560
Gamma Delta, University of Miami
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